Flanged Immersion Heaters

Warren manufactures Flanged Immersion Heaters utilizing standard ANSI flanges ranging from 2” to 24”, 150 PSIG to 1500 PSIG, and a wide variety of custom round and rectangular flanges to suit your application requirements.

A wide selection of watt densities, power ratings, and element sheath materials make flanged immersion heaters an excellent choice for many heating applications.

Flanged Immersion Heater Specifications
Watts: up to 800 Kilowatts
Volts / Phase: up to 600 Volts, Single or 3 Phase
Flange Size: Standard to 14” ANSI, consult factory for larger sizes
Pressure Rating: Standard ANSI to 150 PSIG, consult factory for other ratings
Immersion Length: up to 120” standard, consult factory for longer lengths


Heating large tanks and vessels, industrial water heating, oil and petrochemical heating, wax heating (requires drywell), process heating in chemical industries, and more.

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